Project Management

A project management office (PMO), typically a part of large institution, is an agency within an entreprise that defines and maintains standards for project management, so that functional areas can focus on their areas. A PMO strives for repetition in project execution. Small businesses don’t have the luxury of a PMO, and it wouldn’t typically make cost effective sense if entrepreneurs hired project managers as full-time personnel.

Use us as your PMO.

We are professional project practitioners, with experience in Agile, PMI and Lean methodologies.


Hiring us will allow your full-time staff to maintain operational work while we lead a specific project. Regardless of project management methodology used, we only reach the desired outcome by involving all relevant stakeholders on the project, including and especially the experts on the team and key leadership.

Our approach  is to perform accurate reporting & documentation, as well as hold meetings with stakeholders regularly, through each phase of the project, while monitoring & managing scope, schedule, cost, quality, risk, resources and communications throughout.

Already have a full-time project manager?

We can support your PM with project coordination efforts & documentation.




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